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ALBJ TECHNOLOGY VENTURES PVT LTD founded in 2014 by Nitin Saxena and Parthsarathy Ramanujam with the idea to develop technology on internet data savings and boosting its speed.Idea is shaped as technology "Speedsz" .Speedz is technology which shrinks the data to results in data savings and increased internet speed. Currently speedsz is available as mobile app for Android users. Speedsz will be also available for Windows and Linux servers as enterprise solution.

ALBJ Team is passionate to work on technologies on data savings,streaming and security (encryption).

Speedsz Technology

Speedsz is based on three tier model :

  • Compression
  • Analytics
  • Aggregators

Speedsz acts as gateway on the devices (server/mobile) to compress on the fly data results 50%-60% savings on mobile data . Currently speedsz is available for text and images data. It will be soon available for video and audio compression too.

Speedsz compression is our proprietary technology with best global compression rates and transmission speeds which is even recognized by Google

Plug and Play
Plug & Play

As per their server technology stack auto installation files for compression and analytics will be provided as plug and play.

Plug and Play
Storage Saving

Storage saving feature increases the capacity of SD card by 50%.

Plug and Play
Under One Roof

Our aggregate app model provides customer as audio and video library of entire play store under one roof without managing parent content that will again 10% revenue generator of Rs 25

Plug and Play
Data Reduces

Our compression stack shrinks data and thereby increases 70%-80% of the data plan life . That means current cost of data reduces from Rs 250 to Rs 83.

Plug and Play
Analytics Report

Our analytics report of customer device and server will generate revenue of 10% from Rs 250 that is Rs 25

Plug and Play
Auto Decompress

Auto decompressed and analytics which will decompress the incoming data and track the analytics on device and synchronize on volume or time basis.


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Speedsz Pro

This is plug and play software for server (Linux/Windows) which will act gateway to shrink your on the fly data to decrease bandwidth consumption and accelerate network speed.It saves upto 70%-80% data bandwidth.

Speedsz Pro R

This is plug and play software for both Server (Linux/Windows) and Client(Linux/Windows/Android) and acts as gateway to shrink data at both ends server and client side on the fly data to decrease bandwidth consumption and accelerate network speed. It saves upto 80%-90% of data bandwidth. It also provides security to your on the fly data by special end to end encryption.

ALBJ conceptualized "Speedsz" which is a set of techniques to increase spectrum efficiency multiples times resulting decrease in mobile data tariff by 80% . Speedsz is ready to give it's first tier compression (images & text) data to show 50%-60% savings on server and Android devices.